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Skidoo/The Point!

Harry Nilsson

Multimedia_ImageUPC: 743217574321
Format: CD
Release Date: Sep 26 2000
Label: BMG INT'L


Track List

1. The Cast and Crew
2. I Will Take You There
3. Skidoo/Commercials
4. Goodnight Mr. Banks/Let's Get the Hardware/Murder in the Car Wash
5. Angie's Suite
6. The Tree
7. Garbage Can Ballet
8. Tony's Trip
9. Escape: Impossible/Green Bay Packers March
10. Man Wasn't Meant to Fly
11. Escape: Possible
12. Skidoo/Goodnight Mr. Banks
13. Everything's Got 'Em (Narration)
14. The Town
15. Me and My Arrow
16. The Game (Narration)
17. Poli High
18. The Trial & Banishment (Narration)
19. Think About Your Troubles
20. The Pointed Man (Narration)
21. Life Line
22. The Birds (Narration)
23. P.O.V. Waltz
24. The Clearing in the Woods (Narration)
25. Are You Sleeping?
26. Oblio's Return (Narration)
27. I Will Take You There
28. Girlfriend
29. Down to the Valley
30. Buy My Album

Album Credits

Harry Nilsson Primary Artist

Carol Channing Vocals

George Tipton Conductor, Arranger

Rick Jarrard Producer, Soundtrack Album Producer

Gary Owens Original Liner Notes

Richie Schmitt Engineer

Susan F. Schnelzer Liner Notes

William Harris Project Coordinator

Keith Munro Project Coordinator

Dean Torrence Design

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