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Harry/Nilsson Sings Newman


Harry/Nilsson Sings Newman

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Harry Nilsson

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harrynsn.gif (2441 bytes)Catalog Number: 75744
UPC: 743217574420
Format: CD - Bonus Tracks
Release Date: Nov 21 2000
Label: BMG INT'L

1. The Puppy Song
2. Nobody Cares About the Railroads Anymore
3. Open Your Window
4. Mother Nature's Son
5. Fairfax Rag
6. City Life
7. Mournin' Glory Story
8. Maybe
9. Marchin' Down Broadway
10. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
11. Rainmaker
12. Mr. Bojangles
13. Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear
14. Vine St.
15. Love Story
16. Yellow Man
17. Caroline
18. Cowboy
19. The Beehive State
20. I'll Be Home
21. Living Without You
22. Dayton, Ohio-1903
23. So Long Dad
24. Waiting (bonus track)
25. Snow (bonus track)

I'd love to share with you regarding Harry Nilsson, his life and his music. 
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