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Nilsson Sings Newman


Nilsson Sings Newman

Harry Nilsson

Multimedia_ImageUPC: 744659970320
Format: CD
Release Date: Feb 8 2000

Track List

1. Vine St.
2. Love Story
3. Yellow Man


5. Cowboy
6. The Beehive State
7. I'll Be Home
8. Living Without You
9. Dayton, Ohio 1903
10. So Long Dad
11. Snow
12. Love Story
13. Cowboy
14. I'll Be Home
15. Living Without You

Album Credits

Harry Nilsson Primary Artist
Randy Newman Piano, Liner Notes, Project Assistant
Grover Helsley Engineer
Glenn Korman Producer, product manager
Rob Santos Producer, Reissue Producer
Dean Torrence Liner Notes, Design, Project Assistant
Stephen Barncard Model
Arlessa Barnes Project Coordinator
Paul Brizzi Restoration
Jon Broven Project Assistant
Lisa Butler Project Coordinator
Glenn Delgado Project Coordinator
Christina DeSimone Project Coordinator
Robin Diamond Project Coordinator
Michael O. Drexler Digital Transfers
Mandana Eidgah product manager
Elliot Federman Mastering
Joanne Feltman Archivist
Dennis Ferrante Mixing
Felicia Gearhart Project Coordinator
Laura Gregory Project Coordinator
Jeremy Holiday Production Coordination
Cathy Kerr Project Assistant
Michael Leary Model
Robin Manning Project Coordinator
Diane Nilsson Project Assistant
Brooke Nochomson Project Coordinator
Ed Osborne Project Coordinator
Mike Panico Archivist
Larry Parra Project Coordinator
Bruce Pollock Project Coordinator
Dana Renert Project Coordinator
Dean Romanelli Project Coordinator
Andrea T. Sheridan Project Assistant
Bill Stafford Project Coordinator
Steve Strauss Project Coordinator
Tom Tierney Editorial Assistant
Alan Warner Project Assistant
Allen Zentz Model

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