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Andy Cahan

On his website ( ) he claims to have recorded a whole lot of demos and songs with Harry shortly before Harry's death.

The songs:

1. 245 Lb. Man
Harry actually had one of my clients, Jessica Silverstein sing backup and double lead vocals on this wonderful song.

2. Bedsprings
This is the first song we worked on together, from his play Zapata.

3. Fruit Of The Loom
One of the many commercials Harry submitted to various ad agencies.

4. Give It All You Got
Another commercial

5. Hide & Go Seek
Another commercial

6. High Heel Sneakers
The origional version of "Rescue Boy".

7. Honky Tonk Heaven
Harry loved this song by Merle Haggard

8. I Know Why
This Glen Miller classic was a gift to Harry's attorney.

9. It's So Easy To Live
The second song we recorded for Ringo's album.

10. Lost And Found
A Nilsson - Hudson composition.

11. Love Is The Answer
Another track from Zapata.

12. Me And My Arrow 93FM
One day Harry noticed Arrow radio 93FM in LA. He said, "lets make a 30 second add and send this as a gift to Arrow radio." I sampled the beginning phrase, " Me And My Arrow", then added the music and Harry's vocal, "93 FM".

13. Me Myself & I
Title song for the IRS video of the same name.It starred George Siegal and Jo Beth Willams. We also did all the filler music. 

14. Mother In Law
What a great version of the classic! I programmed the music verbatim.

15. Motherlove
A song we never really finished. One of the last sessions before his heart attack.

16. Mrs. Crawford
Another commerical

17. One Year
Another commercial

18. Red Neck
Alternate version of "245 LB Man"

19. Rescue Boy
The very last song recorded, days before Harry had a heart attack. It was originally "High Heel Sneakers".

20. She's Tall
We were asked by Deborah Hill (film producer) to record this track for the TV film "Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman" starring Darryl Hanna.

21. Shrink Rap
A hilarious nine minute "Rap" song Harry wanted to record as a spoof on rap music.

22. Strange Love
Another Mark Hudson composition.

23. Tainted Woman
Another unfinished early demo.

24. Ten Year
Another commercial.

25. This Could Be The Night
This famous Nilsson song was re-recorded with two new verses. Very Cool!

26. Tonight Song
Submitted to Jay Leno for the new Tonight Show theme.

27. What Does A Woman See In A Man
Jimmy Webb wrote this one for his last album Linda Ronstat was producing. Harry loved it so much that he kidnapped Jimmy from the session, and brought him to my studio to record it!

28. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Harry had invited Carol King to sing background vocals.........

29. Yesterday/Georga
Harry always wanted to record these two songs as an overlapping medley. It came out great!

30. You Are Here
Never before was this song heard or recorded. Harry wrote this with John Lennon during the "Lost Weekend" period. This is defiantly the best of the lot! My favorite!

I'd love to share with you regarding Harry Nilsson, his life and his music. 
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