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Derek Taylor

"About two years ago [circa 1971], Harry and I were talking about
songs, swapping titles, and testing memories. You know that game? Who
wrote 'Miss Otis' and what year did Al Jolson die, and what else
besides 'As Time Goes By' did Herman Hupfeld ... write? We found a
lot of marvelous songs with fine words. And what melodies! 'You Made
Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It),' 'I Wonder Who's Kissing Her
Now.' Brilliant stuff, constructed with style and flair. ... One day
Harry suggested 'Why don't we do an album of the old songs?' and it
was the best idea I'd heard since God only knows when. 'You produce
and I'll sing,' he said. And two years later - it's November 1972 -
he says it again, and this time it's on." -- Derek Taylor

I'd love to share with you regarding Harry Nilsson, his life and his music. 
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