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Other Works including Harry Nilsson

For Our Children: Various artists sing for the Pediatric Aids Foundation. Harry's special version of Blanket For A Sail an be found here.
Stay Awake: Various artists sing Disney hits. Harry's version of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah can be found here.
Albert Brooks comedy album includes a snippet of Harry singing the voice of Lassie with the one line "We're having a great time..."
Harry contributed to the Monkees Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones
Harry contributed to the Monkees The Birds, The Bees and The Monkees
Harry producer , George Tipton, perfomed 11 Harry songs on this LP.
Harry contributed a numberof songs on this tribute to Yoko Ono
For The Love of Harry Everybody Sings Nilsson , The tribute album by various artists
Harry contributed to Ringo's Goodnight Vienna album.  Harry sings backing
vocals for "The No No Song" and for "Only You."   Ringo sings Harry's
"Easier For Me."   Harry also appears on a John Lennon rare anthology release of  Only You which was done as a demo for Ringo for this album. 
Harry adds backing vocals to Keith Moon's album , Two Sides of The Moon, on Nilsson's Together
The Point was done as a stage production in the UK featuring Davey Jones and Mickey Dolenz, of The  Monkees
Harry contributed to Ringo's Stop and Smell The Roses album
Harry contributed to John Lennon's Walls and Bridges album. He co-wrote and backed Lennon on Old Dirt Road.
Harry contributed to Ringo's first album, backing him on You're Sixteen
Harry contributed to Ringo's Rotogravure album
Harry provides the voice for the crooner with the megaphone singing Gene Wilder's song, Ain't It Kinda Wonderful for the movie, The World's Greatest Lover.


I'd love to share with you regarding Harry Nilsson, his life and his music. 
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