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Din' We

Lyrics from the soundtrack album. Omitted from the final version of the film. If the lyrics don't make sense to you, it is because the song was sung by the town drunk. Really.

We walked in clouds up there, remember
Looking for eachother...din' we
Din' we

I forget the place
Was New York in June
Moonlight in New York

Such a wonderful affair

You'll hold my hand in mine, and yours
Din' we

Someone, someone din' care
I like to think I'm yours,
Away, away, and not forgotten

Din' we, you and me
Din' we

Here you were mine
My heart bleeds for everyone
Take it or leave me, it's not enough

But darlin', do you recall
My Funny Valentine
Din' we

Dance with me
Leave it all behind
Like we did before
When you were mine

Sleep, sleep, sleep, my darlin'
Will you be mine
Oh, din' we

Walked through the stars, hand in hand, remember
Something over the rainbow

You show me yours, and I'll show you mine
Din' we

It isn't easy, being me and you
You turn on the lights, I'll turn off the phone
We held each other tight
Din' we

Oh, din' we


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