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How Can I Be Sure of You


How Can I Be Sure of You
by Harry Nilsson

Appears as a bonus track in later releases of Nilsson Schmilsson

From the 2006 movie, A Good Year (previously unreleased)
Harry Nilsson is like the inner voice of Russell Crowe's character Max. He was a singer-songwriter who died young. He never got the chance to tour. But it was beautiful to see him evolve in the way he sang about himself, his life and his times. So when Max looks out of the windows in his uncle's villa for the first time, you hear Nilsson's voice. It could be Russell's, even down to the way Nilsson sings and thinks. Nilsson was a very poetic writer. We put this song on and let it fly right with him as Max walks around the vineyard, through the garden, and past the table where his Uncle Henry used to sit.


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