Skidoo Skidoo

The only thing that matters is with who you do.

Skidoo Skidoo

The only thing that matters is with who

Skidoo I DO

Skidoo Skidoo

And the world will be a better place for you

Well you gotta be good

And you gotta be kind

Because a lotta people think they've gotta draw the line

They separate the good the bad the wrong from right

But forget about the color that's between the black and white

And all the groovy little in betweens.

Skidoo Skidoo

Skidoo doobly do

I really believe it is the thing to do

Skidoo Skidoo

Between the one and three there is a two

Look around and if you open your eyes

Maybe you will think you shouldn't criticize

The way another person wants to wear their hair

Because in the overall analysis the only thing that counts

Is in the love you share.

Skidoo Skidoo (chorus)

Time is moving fast

And there's a lot to see

So don't you trap yourself inside a boat

That's floating out to sea

There's a better way of living

If you take the time to try

To live and love and take a breath

And watch the scenery

As the color slowly changes from fourteen to twenty three


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