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Swee'pea's Lullaby

Lyrics from the soundtrack album. May vary from lyrics in film.


Everybody needs to have somebodys
Even if it's only me
So stops yer cryin' Swee'pea
An' trys to go to sleeps
I don't knows how you got here
I don't knows if you cares
You coulda comes from Heavens
Or a typhoon anywhere

Oh me I came from Heaven
Of Cuddly Na-La Lagoon
And I was told me mammy
Gave me up in a typhoon

So don't you cry, little Swee'pea
You and me, we's both the same
And the biggest tear I ever seen
Was in the eye of a hurricane

Go to sleep, sleep sleepy
I'll tell you what you sees
And someday when you's older
I'll tell yous all about me



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