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Harry Nilsson

His accomplishments were many. While most remember him for the hits: Without You and Everybody's Talkin',

Nilsson wrote many familiar (and not so familiar) songs and worked on films, TV, books and the works of others.

His CORE Albums include: (Click on album covers to see song list and some lyrics)

Pandemonium Aerial Ballet Harry


Schmilsson and Son Touch


Duit Sandman That's The Way.. Knnillsson

Film Soundtracks

Skidoo The Point Son of Dracula Popeye

Other Works

Flash Harry Christmas Rare & Unreleased

Nilsson 62

Honorable Mentions

Movies with Nilsson

Others Sing Nilsson

Ziggy's Gift (Christmas special featuring Nilsson's Give Love Joy.

The Telephone (co-written by Harry Nilsson. No music)

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