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Nilsson worked with many other artists.


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Albert Brooks

Nilsson appears breifly as "Lassie" in Party from Outer Space, novelty single.


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bytipton.gif (6441 bytes)George Tipton

A regular contributor to Nilsson's early albums as conductor, arranger, and producer, George Tipton did an entire album of Nilsson songs.


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Harry recorded eight songs. Three of the songs appeared on the Every Man Has a Woman album. "Never Say Goodbye" was released in 1993 on a promotional four-track CD called "New York Rock". Another four songs have not been released.


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ceremony93.gif (60811 bytes)Chastity Bono

Nilsson is credited on the album, Ceremony.  The track is not specified and difficult to determine.



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KeithMoon.gif (9383 bytes)Keith Moon

The drummer for The Who performs Harry's "Together" with Harry on backing vocals.


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nilsonny.jpg (26697 bytes)Cher

Harry appeared on Cher's TV Show and recorded a duet, "A Love Like Yours" with Cher during the John Lennon Rock And Roll sessions produced by Phil Spector.



wallsbridges.jpg (2982 bytes)John Lennon

Nilsson co-wrote and performs backing vocals on "Old Dirt Road" on John Lennon's "Walls and Bridges" album.



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