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PSS UPA3 Numbering

1 Ten Little Indians Nilsson) 6/14/67 UPA3-5571 USRC16700998
2 1941 Nilsson 6/12/67 UPA3-5568 USRC16700995
3 Cuddly Toy Nilsson 6/12/67 UPA3-5569 USRC16702415
4 She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune Kincaid 6/15/67 UPA3-5573 USRC16702416
5 You Can't Do That Lennon/McCartney 6/15/67 UPA3-5575 USRC16700999
6 Sleep Late, My Lady Friend Nilsson 6/14/67 UPA3-5570 USRC16702417
7 She's Leaving Home Lennon/McCartney 6/12/67 UPA3-5567 USRC16702418
8 There Will Never Be Botkin, Jr./Garfield 6/12/67 UPA3-5566 USRC16702419
9 Without Her Nilsson 2/17/67 UPA3-8302 USRC16702420
10 Freckles* Hess/Johnson/Ager 2/17/67 UPA3-8299 USRC16702421
11 It's Been So Long* Nilsson 2/17/67 UPA3-8301 USRC16702422
12 River Deep - Mountain High Spector/Barry/Greenwich 6/15/67 UPA3-5576 USRC16702423

* Arranged by Perry Botkin, Jr
all others arranged by George Tipton)

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