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All my MP3s are available using SoulSeek (like Napster).

NOTE: It is not necessary to PAY for SoulSeek. Contributions are optional and have not affected the downloads as indicated here. DO NOT try to SEARCH for NILSSON, it is a waste of time unless you want to get Without You, Coconut and Everybody's Talkin'

Follow these directions:
bulletDownload from
bulletInstall software
bulletStart SoulSeek
bulletChoose View Users,
bulletChoose View rooms,
bulletClick on room name header to sort alphabetically
bulletFind and Double click the RareNilsson room, 
NOTE: If there is nobody online, the RareNilsson room will not appear, you can create it yourself and wait for others.  Setting the room to AutoJoin (below) helps.
bulletRight click in room window and select AutoJoin for future visits.
bulletRight click on HairyNelson (or any user), and
bulletChoose Browse files.

Then you can download entire folders or individual MP3s.
On subsequent visits only the last two steps are needed!
Keep informed!
Join the RareHarry group at Yahoo.
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I'd love to share with you regarding Harry Nilsson, his life and his music. 
For more information email me at: Nilssonian(a) or Twiiter @nilssonian