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Lay Down Your Arms

Special Mentions

This page contains items that I had no place else to place.

Lay Down Your Arms This anti-gun song was first heard on the "For The Love Of harry" tribute, performed by the duet of Ringo and Stevie Nicks.   It has also been found on MP3 from unknown sources sung by Harry.  It was written as a tribute to his slain friend, John Lennon.
Me, Myself & I The Schizophrenia's theme song.
Wrecker's Ball Harry's work were used in a dance companies production. Video tape is somewhere in the NYC Public Library collections. Fields Of grass (part of The Wrecker's Ball special with The Paul Taylor Dance Company.
Growin' Up This very early Nilsson song is one of Harry's smoothest works
Ziggy's Gift Christmas special featuring Harry's music and Ziggy.  Song: Give, Love, Joy.
The Telephone One woman play truned into a movie with script co-written by Harry and Terry Jones.  Unfortunately, No music in this project.

Covers of Nilsson

Harry related songs covered by other artists.

Movies with Nilsson

List of movies using Harry tunes
Un-Greatest Hits My favorite tape takes one song from each album, excluding the tracks on the All Time Greatest Hits.  Fits on one 60 minute tape.
Rarities CDR with rare Harry tunes
littleredfishingknot.gif (23275 bytes) The Little Red Fishing Knot Book by Harry Nilsson

I am assuming this is a different Harry Nilsson.


I'd love to share with you regarding Harry Nilsson, his life and his music. 
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