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S.O.S. 2k CD

Take 54
Remember (Christmas)
Turn On Your Radio
You re Breaking My Heart
The Lottery Song
At My Front Door
I d Rather Be Dead
The Most Beautiful World In The World

Son Of Schmilsson (2000)

Re-released with bonus tracks in 2000

Son of Schmilsson

sos_cd2k.jpg (31838 bytes)sos_cd_rear_2k.jpg (27591 bytes)

Track Title Length
1 Take Fifty Four 0:04:19
2 Remember Christmas 0:04:06
3 Joy 0:03:42
4 Turn On Your Radio 0:02:43
5 You're Breaking My Heart 0:03:10
6 Spaceman 0:03:34
7 The Lottery Song 0:02:25
8 At My Front Door 0:03:02
9 Ambush 0:05:21
10 I'd Rather Be Dead 0:03:20
11 The Most Beautiful World In The World 0:03:40
12 Joy (Guitar Demo) 0:01:58
13 Joy (Piano Demo) 0:00:55


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