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There's a tribute album of Harry songs called 'I'm Only Sleeping' by EJ
Gold and the Galaxians. (It's not available at Tower or Amazon, but
Google will steer you to their website where you can order a copy.)
A pleasant sounding album.

Early in his career, he was known as Johnny Niles

First song?  Readin', Ridin' and Racin'

Alice Cooper - 'Harry and Alice [Cooper] were drinking buddies. I have somewhere an interview with Harry from the early seventies which Alice crashed. For years, here in Hollywood, there was a board hanging upstairs at (I think) the Rainbow signed by Harry, Keith Moon and Alice, as the Vampires.
I never saw this myself, but another Harryhead told me about it and said it had been moved to a private club called On the Rox, which is located above the Roxy on the Sunset Strip. Now, On The Rox is so exclusive you have to be Brad Pitt to get in so I can't confirm this. But I think we can see Alice in a snapshot in the Personal Best book.' -- Curtis Armstrong

Nilsson Sings Nixon - Harry had a strong dislike for Richard Nixon and was so pleased by the president's downfall that he dedicated an album to Frank Wills, the security guard who foiled the Watergate burglary.

RCA Harry was angered by RCA's release of a 'Greatest Hits' album which features a look-a-like on the front cover. 'Look at this. This is RCA for you. That's not me. Now, do you think RCA has got any fucking soul whatsoever, when they do shit like this? I begged them in the very beginning, 'Don't ever put out a best-of album until I'm dead or I'm off the label.' And, no, they sneak this out and don't tell me about it, and hire a guy to look like me, and then they took and old picture of me and reversed it and put it in the mirror. How about that for trash?'

Never My Love: The Lost Album Sessions_ by the Addrisi Brothers
features backing vocals by Harry Nilsson and Van Dyke Parks.:

Harry Does Yoko is the name Harry used for the collection of songs by Yoko Ono which he recorded. Harry recorded eight songs - 'Silver Horse', 'Loneliness', 'Dream Love', 'Smile', 'Listen the Snow is Falling', 'Toy Boat', 'Tears Dry', and 'Never Say Goodbye'. The first three songs appeared on the Every Man Has a Woman collection. 'Never Say Goodbye' was released in 1993 on a promotional four-track CD called 'New York Rock'. The other four songs have not been released. Oliver Hardy makes a brief appearance in the video for 'Loneliness.' (once? seen on VH1).

Party From Outer Space Harry appears as 'Lassie' on Albert Brooks' _A Star Is Bought_. Harry recalls sleeping off a drunk one night on the floor at Brooks' small house in the Hollywood Hills. His host appeared before him dressed in a clown suit and whispered his name like a beckoning ghost.

RCA ... I was sitting in a coffee shop with a one-time collaborator, Sebastian Stores, and he said 'Hey, they ve got a new A&R guy at RCA, Rick Jarrard. And he's under 50. Why don't you go over and see him?' I wasn't doing anything, so that afternoon, I picked up my guitar and went over to RCA and auditioned for Jarrard. I sang 'Without Her,' '1941,' and 'Don't Leave Me.' Jarrard said 'Great, that's enough. You've got a deal.' Albiet, he had some trouble convincing the guys on the top floor. They said 'Why do we need another singer/songwriter? We already have Rod McKuen.' Rick went over their heads and signed me anyway.

johnandharry.jpg (18348 bytes) The picture at left is from May Pang's web site.  John Lennon's personal assistant, May Pang, wrote a very interesting book, The Lost Weekend, which offers some insight into the person, Harry Nilsson. 

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